The registry of
Auto-Inflammatory Disease mutations
Year  Location Award Recipients
Senior Young Other or Not specified
2010 Amsterdam, NL ISSAID 2010 E Ben-Chetrit S Bridges  
    ISSAID 2010 H Hoffman I Jeru  

2008 Rome, IT Medal of Italian Republic Senate D Kastner    
    Medal of Italian Republic Senate I Touitou    
    Grant   M. Kostik  
    Grant   E Albataineh  
    Grant   K Gargh  
    Grant   S Rebelo  
    Grant   S Federici  
    Grant   H Sargsyan  
    Grant   P Scerbanovska  
    Grant   G Ristia  
    Grant   N Aktay Ayaz  
    Grant   H Wittkowski  
Special commemorative medal for the 2760th anniversary of Rome Foundation
J Drenth (on behalf of Organizing Committee for Amsterdam Congress)

2005 Bethesda, USA Sheldon Wolf P Hawkins S Masters M Pras (honorary)
    Sheldon Wolf D Gumucio A Simon

2002 Montpellier, FR No specific name M McDermott E Drewe  
    No specific name AM Prieur S Papin  

2000 Antalya, TK Heller     I Touitou
    Heller     M Tunca

1997 Jerusalem, IL Heller     D Kastner
    Heller     R Cattan (honorary)