IL10RA (NM_001558.3) sequence variants
(CD210, CD210a, CDW210A, HIL-10R)

Editor(s): Erik GLOCKER   

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Total current number of sequence variants for IL10RA : 11

*Name as first published or submitted to Infevers. May be different from the HGVS edited protein and sequence names.

Usual name*
HGVS sequence name
HGVS protein name
Simple variant
Complex alleles
W45Gexon 2c.133T>Gp.Trp45Gly
Y64*exon 3c.192T>Gp.Tyr64*
T84Iexon 3c.251C>Tp.Thr84Ile
R101Wexon 3c.301C>Tp.Arg101Trp
R117Hexon 3c.350G>Ap.Arg117His
L125Rexon 4c.374T>Gp.Leu125Arg
V406Lexon 7c.1216G>Cp.Val406Leu
G141Rexon 4c.421G>Ap.Gly141Arg
I169Texon 4c.506T>Cp.Ile169Thr
T179Texon 4c.537G>Ap.Thr124Hisfs*8
R351Gexon 7c.1051A>Gp.Arg351Gly