The registry of
Auto-Inflammatory Disease mutations
Conditions for Membership

The Society consists of full, corporate and honorary members

Full members shall be practitioners actively engaged in the teaching, research or clinical practice of auto-inflammatory diseases. Distinguished persons who have rendered notable service to the Society or to the advancement of our knowledge on Auto-inflammatory diseases may be elected Honorary Members by a majority by the council members.

Applications for the status of member shall be submitted via the form register for membership. Validation of the membership will be performed by the executive committee.

Members shall pay the following annual dues:
75€ for senior physicians/scientists (or 50€ for PReS members)
35€ for trainees (or 25€ for PReS members)
The amount of the annual subscription may evolve if decided by a simple majority of the council members.
If a memberís annual subscription lapses, the question of continuation of membership will be considered by the Council.